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Take Action now: Sign the Charter for Trees, Woods and People

Signing up to the tree charter

For the first time in 40 years, more trees are being cut down in England than are being planted. It is paramount that as a nation we unite and take action to protect trees and woodland for ourselves and future generations, before it is too late.

More than 70 organisations from across the UK have now joined forces, supporting the creation a Charter for Trees, Woods and People as a call for change. The new charter will guide policy and practice in the UK, to facilitate a future in which trees and people stand together.

Last week marked the release of the 10 guiding principles of the Charter. These were gathered from over 50,000 tree stories that were submitted by members of the public, highlighting the vital roles that trees play in all of our lives.

  1. Thriving habitats for diverse species: Providing homes and food for native wildlife in both urban and rural landscapes.
  1. Planting for the future: Planting for people and wildlife in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.
  1. Celebrating the cultural impact of trees: Woodlands have shaped who we are, it is our responsibility to preserve and nurture this rich heritage for future generations.
  1. A thriving forestry sector that delivers for the UK: Increasing the understanding of the forestry industry in the UK so that it can achieve its huge potential to provide jobs, environmental benefits and economic opportunities.
  1. Better protection for important trees and woods: Ancient woodland now only covers 2% of the UK and sufficient protection is not in place to protect other woodlands currently under threat.
  1. Enhancing new developments with trees: Incorporating green infrastructure into new developments.
  1. Understanding and using the natural health benefits of trees: Promoting trees as an essential part of a healthy, physical and mental lifestyle.
  1. Access to trees for everyone: Ensuring that everyone has access to trees, irrespective of age, economic status, ethnicity or disability.
  1. Addressing threats to woods and trees through good management: Managing woodlands in a more effective way, to achieve long-term sustainability for the environment and the economy.
  1. Strengthening landscapes with woods and trees: We believe that the government must adopt policies and encourage new markets which reflect the value of these ecosystem services instead of taking them for granted.

Planting a tree for the Tree Charter

The united organisations are now calling for people across the UK to stand up for trees by signing the Tree Charter. The final Charter will be launched in November of this year, on the 800th anniversary of the historic 1217 Charter of the Forest which established rights of access and use for the Royal Forests in England.

You can take action now by signing the charter to show that you value trees and help to shape history for future generations.

Sign the Charter