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Edible additions to an urban meadow in Ealing

Trees for Cities - Brent Meadow Community Planting Day

Last Saturday another beautiful community orchard began life, with the help of Ealing residents. Over 50 local volunteers joined us at Brent Meadow, by Hanwell, to plant 25 mixed fruit trees and build a stag beetle loggery. Thanks to their enthusiasm and new-found planting skills, Brent Meadow will soon offer a feast for urban foragers.

The Meadow sits across 2 acres alongside the River Brent. It’s a valuable green space with fantastic potential, but it was sparsely planted and used mainly for commuting and dog-walking. We wanted to boost its visual appeal, biodiversity and range of uses, in partnership with local people.

Working closely with Ealing Council, we designed an orchard made up of fruit trees, Hazel, Walnut and a Black Poplar. As well as the stag-beetle loggery, there’s a beetle sculpture in honour of this fascinating but endangered insect. An interpretation board will help residents, schoolchildren and community groups learn about the many creatures living in the orchard.

As well as being a source of healthy food, the orchard will make the meadow a more interesting and rewarding place to visit. And most of all, it’s already started to achieve its core goal – to create a shared space that people are fond and proud of.


We’re really pleased that all of Saturday’s volunteers who gave us feedback rated their experience as ‘excellent’. One described it as “awesome fun and environmentally sound”, another as “something lovely to do with my little boy so he can watch it grow over time”. Others highlighted the chance to make “tree-enthusiast friends” and said how much they enjoyed the “community feeling and togetherness”.

As always, it was brilliant to meet so many fellow tree-lovers and to see them taking such pleasure in bringing a green space to life.

We’d like to thank Ealing Council, The Romeera Foundation, the Mayor of LondonThe Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity and Tesco – Bags of Help for their generous support of this project.

Next up is our planting day at Marnham Fields, where we will plant 10,000 trees in just one day!

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