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London Loves Trees

Cherry Tree in Camden

Having started our tree planting mission in London, originally named ‘Trees for London’, we consider the city our home, and have a soft spot for the capitals unique and beautiful trees. From the London planes lining our streets, and the flowering Cherries brightening our day to the mighty old Oaks which remind us of London’s magnificent history; all 8.4 million of them tell their own unique story.

We all know London’s trees quietly work day and night to clean our air, reduce flooding and provide a space for biodiversity to thrive. But we also know that our connection with them runs deeper than the life they breathe into our urban spaces.

To many of us, trees conjure up memories of our childhoods, places we love, and dreams we have for the future. Trees are the silent heroes in our lives, yet we sometimes forget to take time out to acknowledge that we literally could not survive without them.

So, in celebration of London Tree Week, we asked the people of London to tell us about their favourite trees in the capital.

Londoners Favourite Trees

Ancient holm oak, Francois, Fulham PalaceLondon Tree Week Trees for Cities

Francois got in touch to tell us about his and his daughters favourite tree. “It’s the ancient holm oak at Fulham Palace. The photo was taken years before it was fenced off, and our children and others loved climbing up and balancing on its massive branches. The tree is massive enough to make me feel as small as them, and I know, if I were still their age, the tree would be to me like a magical fortress”.


European beech, Ozgul, Ruskin Park

Ozgul – “I favour this tree so much; as it was the first tree I helped plant in London. The planting day was Sometimes in November 2016 in Ruskin Park. In March 2017 I went to Ruskin Park again just to see how the tree was getting on. The result was amazing and I was surprised at how much it had grown in a short space of time.”


Ginko, Maddalena, Soho

Maddalena’s favourite tree ginkgo. “I love it because it’s so ancient and its leaves are so peculiar. I have a diary of the ginkgo trees I see in London. In my diary I list in which street trees are and how many there are. I love the Ginkgo trees in Soho!

I planted a ginkgo tree in my garden less than a year ago and it is doing very well.”


Poplar, Karen and Graham, Clapham Common

London Tree Week Trees for Cities

Graham and Karen – “This is our favourite London Tree – it’s on Clapham Common, by the Temperance Fountain, which depicts a woman giving water to a beggar. I have no idea how old the tree is, the statue has been there since 1895 – possibly a similar time. This large, old tree greets you as you go onto the common from the tube station, we used to walk past it everyday when taking our kids to primary school”.

Robinia, Jess, her garden

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“This is me as a child with my grandma under our favourite tree. It’s a Robinia and is still in my garden!” – Jess

Do you have a favourite tree in London? Share a picture with on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (tagging @treesforcities and #LondonTreeWeek) and you could win a copy of Paul Wood’s fantastic new book London Street Trees – A field guide to the urban forest.