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Outdoor Classroom Day: 5 reasons every child should learn outside

Outdoor classroom edible playgrounds

Here at Trees for Cities, we’ve seen firsthand the difference outdoor learning can make when engaging and inspiring our little ones to explore their local green spaces. From planting, growing and eating their own veggies through our Edible Playground projects, to getting their hands muddy planting the next generation of trees at our urban forest planting days.

And watching their beaming faces come to life, as they hold a worm for the first time or realise that those tomatoes they see in the shop can actually be grown with their own fair hands, really inspire us to do what we do!

So, to celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day, on the 18th May – as well as the thousands of children we have engaged through our urban greening projects – here are 5 reasons we think every child should get a chance to learn outside:

5 Benefits of Outdoor learning

1.Brain loving fresh Air
Whatever they’re learning – whether its horticulture or algebra – being outside gives children fresh air and energy giving Oxygen to help their brains take in all the interesting new information!

Outdoor classroom edible playgrounds

2.Experiential learning
Children and adults alike find it easier (and more fun!) to engage with subjects when they can get stuck in and try it for themselves. There’s nothing like climbing a tree to see a new perspective!

3.Encouraging team work
The thousands of incredible volunteers who have helped us plant over 65, 000 urban trees know one thing: we can achieve more when we do it together! By encouraging team work through things like edible garden in schools, children can develop collaborative skills which will set them up as grown ups.

Outdoor classroom edible playgrounds

4.Greater awareness of the environment
The next generation will face new challenges as changes in climate and urban living will require us to be more resourceful and resilient. By understanding and interacting with their outdoor spaces now, children will be more likely to protect them as adults.

5.Promoting healthy living
Never has it been easier to convince a child to eat their greens when they’ve grown them themselves from scratch! Plus, children are more active when they play and learn outdoors; contributing to healthy development and enjoyment of their childhood.

Outdoor classroom edible playgrounds

Want to get in on the outdoor action?

You could create an thriving edible garden in your local school. Get in touch with our Edible Playgrounds team: email us or call 020 7820 4416 for more details.