Corporate Volunteering

We offer a variety of corporate engagement opportunities that align with your business’s core values. We offer opportunities suitable for one off volunteering as well as national and international employee engagement programmes;  green volunteering and skill-sharing offer the perfect solution for improving employee or community engagement within your organisation.

  • Employee engagement – Your employees can help deliver our projects – a fun, outdoor activity that will drive engagement levels within your business.
  • Community engagement – We work closely with local people on all of our projects, so volunteering with us is the perfect way for your company to connect with the wider community.

To find out more, please email or call 020 7840 5950.

Green volunteering

Our green volunteering days give your employees the opportunity to get stuck in and help to completely transform a space within an urban park, a school or a housing estate.

They take place on weekdays, typically from 10am – 3pm, and run throughout the year. You can attend a green volunteering day as a one-off, or you can commit to a series of days so that you can see your project develop from start to finish.

  • Urban Forests – Typical activities include digging up turf and turning soil to prepare sites, planting trees, shrubs and perennials, hard and soft landscaping and maintenance to ensure that our projects are growing, developing and thriving. Planting season is between October and March and maintenance usually takes place in the summer.
  • Edible Playgrounds – These days can include constructing raised beds and planters out of timber, lining and filling them, creating playground features such as mini-beast hotels, willow domes and installing and painting fences.

Each volunteer day is different, as we try to accommodate the needs of the group as much as possible.

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News International’s tree planting

News International worked in partnership with Trees for Cities to improve their employee engagement at a community level. We provided them with volunteering opportunities that were locally relevant to their employees, as well as organising skill-sharing workshops.

“I didn’t grow up in Manchester, so it’s really great to know I’m giving something back to the city that’s given me so much since I moved here.”
– Becky White, News International

“Volunteering to plant trees was great – especially at the end of the day, when we could really see just how many we had planted! I would love to get my family involved in this kind of project.”
– Jane Jones, News International

To find out more, please email or phone 020 7840 5950.

International volunteering

We plant trees in the UK, Europe, Africa and South America. If you’re looking to engage your employees on an international scale – or work with communities across the globe – we can offer you opportunities to achieve this.

International Volunteering - BloombergCase Study

Bloomberg’s global projects

As part of our ongoing partnership with Bloomberg, 148 of their staff volunteered on projects in six global cities – Frankfurt, Berlin, Dubai, Moscow, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Over 1,200 trees were planted in schools, parks and as part of long-term conservation programmes.

These trees will provide vital shade from the sun and a source of free fruit for schools in South Africa, add diversity to public parks in Moscow and liven up the stark concrete environments in central Frankfurt.

To find out more, please email or phone 020 7820 4433.

Skills sharing volunteering

Your employees’ skills can be put to work on our programmes with schools, communities, or within Trees for Cities itself. Let’s tap into your marketing, design, data mining or interpretation skills – and let the wider community feel the benefit.

Our opportunities for skills sharing volunteering are very flexible. You can participate in single skills sharing opportunities, assist us with a specific project or do it as part of your green volunteering.

Skill Sharing - MMCCase Study

MMC’s work on Edible Playgrounds

MMC has worked in partnership with Trees for Cities since 2013, and has helped us to create 5 Edible Playgrounds (in and outside of London). In this time, MMC employees have volunteered 360 hours and impacted the lives of 5,080 children.

Employees have helped build the Edible Playgrounds, participated in skills sharing by engaging with children at schools, and offered their expertise to help us set up our online Edible Playgrounds Hub.

“The volunteering days were very rewarding and enjoyable – MMC colleagues learned a great deal. It’s fantastic that we could expand on our reading partnership with St. Paul’s to create a new Edible Playground for the children to use and enjoy.”
– Jason Groves, Director of Communications International at MMC

To find out more, please email or phone 020 7840 5950.