Marketing partnerships

Association with our cause shows that you’re conscious of your organisation’s environmental impact, and can strengthen your brand image. We can link your business directly with Trees for Cities to achieve mutually beneficial goals. This can involve planting trees alongside your business actions – be they promoting the sale of a product, service or campaign.

Case StudyThe Trees for Cities staff hug a tree to show their appreciation for our partners, Sawday’s Canopy and Stars

Hug a Tree with Sawday’s Canopy and Stars

With over two thirds of city dwellers wishing they could spend more time in nature and an emerging body of evidence to indicate that contact with nature provides benefits for health and wellbeing, the partnership with Canopy and Stars was a mutually beneficial  campaign that focused on tree planting and being out in nature.

The “Hug a Tree” campaign, gives holiday makers the chance to win a week-long stay at three spectacular spaces amongst the trees simply by sharing their urban tree hugging adventures via social media.  In addition, for every single booking they take in July, August and September, Canopy and Stars will donate £2.00 towards planting trees in urban areas throughout the UK, with guests given the option of matching the donation.

To find out more, please email or call 020 7840 5950.