Choose your amount to donate: £5 Donation£15 Donation£50 Donation or

Choose your amount to donate: £5 Donation£25 Donation£50 Donation or

£5 can help a child plant a tree to breathe fresh air

£5 will sponsor a tree in a park, housing estate or street to breathe life into a neighbourhood

£15 can help a community plant heritage fruit trees in their community orchard

£25 will plant 5 small trees to help us create an urban woodland for future generations to enjoy

£50 can help us to plant large canopy trees on our city streets to help breathe life into our neighbourhoods

£50 can help us to plant 2 fruit trees (espalier) in an edible playground to excite and teach children about growing and eating healthy food

How your money is spent


For every £1 donated to Trees for cities:

  • 86p is spent on community greening including edible playgrounds and vocational training projects
  • 10p is spent on trying to raise the next £1.00
  • 4p is spent on governance and other costs.

Every Penny Counts

With your money we can plant trees that help cities grow into greener, cleaner places for people to live worldwide.

Your generosity helps us to:

  • Create a new generation of urban woodlands to significantly increase canopy cover
  • Get children in urban areas excited about growing and eating healthy fruit and vegetables.
  • Ensure our most desolate streets and barren estates are turned into well-used community spaces

What we did in 2014/15

TFC_Our Impact_2014-15_Randomised

To read about our recent achievements and to see a summary of this year’s accounts, please see our Annual Report

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