Remember us in your will

After taking care of loved ones, consider Trees for Cities in your will to ensure deprived, grey, urban areas become flourishing, green areas with beautiful trees to be enjoyed for generations to come. Spaces where everyone has access to the wonder of nature, regardless of the neighbourhood they live in.

It’s estimated that by 2050 seven out of ten people in the world will be living in cities. It will be more important than ever to plant and protect trees, to make sure we have clean air and green spaces for our grandchildren’s children to enjoy.

For more information or to let us know you have left us a gift in your will, or to discuss leaving a will, please contact or call 020 7587 1320.

Deciding how your gift will be used

You can be sure that every legacy donation we gratefully receive, no matter what size, will be carefully spent and distributed across our most needy projects.

However, if there is a particular aspect of our work that you are interested in, such as street tree planting, woodland creation, schools education or international projects please contact us to discuss any requirements before visiting your solicitor.

Making or changing a will

If you don’t make a will the law will decide how to divide your estate among your relatives. If you have no family, everything you leave will go directly to the government. If you would like to include Trees for Cities in your will we advise that you visit your solicitor. If you do not have a solicitor you can find one by searching the Law Society database.

Before you visit your solicitor, you should think about:

  • Who you would like to benefit – from family and friends to causes you support
  • The type of gift you’d like to leave – for instance, a fixed amount or a percentage
  • Who your executors might be – you’ll need two people to take care of your affairs

If you decide to leave a gift to Trees for Cities in your will you should provide your solicitor with our full address and registered charity number:

Trees for Cities
Prince Consort Lodge
Kennington Park
Kennington Park Place
SE11 4AS
Charity registration number: 1032154

Whenever there are any significant changes in your circumstances, you must review your will, if you have separated, divorced, married or remarried your last will becomes null and void. Other reasons why you might want to amend an existing will include the birth of a grandchild or a financial windfall. To make several changes to your will, it’s best to have a new will drawn up. For straightforward changes, your solicitor can add a codicil to your will – a legal document that describes the amendment you’d like to make

Thank you

We recognise that making a will may be a personal decision and we absolutely respect your privacy. However, if you have decided to include Trees for Cities in your will, we’d be very pleased to have the chance to thank you now.  As a token of our appreciation, we’d be delighted to plant a first tree for you in recognition of your generosity and future support.

Trees for Cities will always respect your wish if you ask not to be contacted further about our work or fundraising activities.

For more information or to let us know you have left us a gift in your Will, or to discuss leaving a Will, please contact or call 020 7820 4426.