Volunteers help grow the love

To celebrate #VolunteersWeek we are giving thanks to all our tree-mendous volunteers

by Jess Massucco
Community Engagement Coordinator, Trees for Cities

Our volunteers help us plant trees and green cities. They join us on frosty mornings in parks, housing estates and on city streets. They help us with the hard tasks as well as the fun parts. We genuinely couldn’t deliver our projects without them. This year, hundreds of volunteers helped us plant trees, shrubs, grasses, herbaceous perennials and ferns and not to mention all the mulching!

The highlight of this year’s planting season was King George’s Field in Ealing where 582 volunteers helped us plant an incredible 20,000 whips (small trees) over two amazing community planting days.

In addition our volunteers planted two community apple orchards and a wonderful selection of trees in London and across the UK, including Sweet Chestnuts, Foxglove trees, Ornamental Pears, Forest Pansies, Indian Bean trees, Wild Cherries, Scarlet Willows, Dawn Redwoods, Oaks and Alders. Our volunteers didn’t stop there though; they were invaluable in helping us with all the preparation and maintenance work which are absolutely vital to ensuring our trees survive.

The whole Trees for Cities team are grateful to everyone who helped us this season. In addition to all the hard work, volunteers give us inspiration, solidarity and encouragement. We have a real mix of people volunteering with us from all sorts of ages and backgrounds and this diversity shows how universal planting a tree can be. It’s motivating to see so many people care for the environment and local communities. When we deliver a project, it’s extremely heartwarming to see all our volunteers arrive and we thank you!

This year we’re sending out a call to all musicians, entertainers, facepainters, caterers, designers, writers, photographers and more to help support our free community events.

If you have a particular skill, or know someone who might be interested in helping us, we would love to hear from you. Please contact jess@treesforcities.org.

Keep an eye on our GET INVOLVED page: We will try to offer as many planting opportunities as possible and can’t wait for our next planting season.