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Planting a tree is delightfully rewarding and therapeutic: Husna’s volunteering story

Husna and Friend Planting with Trees for Cities

It all started with a Google search, ‘plant a tree in London’, next thing I know I’m at my very first Trees for Cities planting day in Ruskin Park on a cold winter’s morning.

I had never planted a tree before and assumed it would be quite easy, I soon realised I was wrong!

That morning consisted of digging, digging and more digging; it was tough to say the least! Nonetheless, when myself, two other volunteers and one of the Trees for Cities staff finally planted our beautiful young tree, finished mulching and protected it with fencing, it was a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. I was so proud to stand in that park knowing I planted that tree which would provide generations of animals a home, people with shade, make the park greener and help the environment.

Trees for Cities Husna and friends on mulch pile

Planting trees is a delightfully rewarding and therapeutic activity and I would recommend it to anyone. I learnt about the environmental benefits of trees and other projects that Trees for Cities run, e.g. Edible Playgrounds, which I think is an amazing way to help kids learn about where fruits and vegetables come from, how to grow them as well as living sustainably.

I’ve always loved the outdoors, and wanted to plant a tree for a few years and that is what made me first sign up to the Trees for Cities’ e-newsletter. The experience has helped me understand and love trees even more, and I now have a new sense of appreciation for the Earth’s beautiful filtration systems which are essential to our environment. One must wonder whether the human and animal races would even exist without trees.

My favourite part of the day is my walk through my local park, surrounded by greenery, listening to the sounds of birds and feeling completely calm, and that is why I will continue to support and volunteer with Trees for Cities because I truly believe that the Earth’s trees have more than just environmental benefits. I want London to be greener!

Group of volunteers that helped plant trees in Ruskin ParkI love what Trees for Cities stand for, their ethos, their goals and all their work in educating young people and adults, improving our communities and helping the environment. It was great meeting other volunteers, the staff and I look forward to joining more planting days!

By Husna Begum – Trees for Cities volunteer

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